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Paul's TARC team ranks 17th in the 2015 finals out of 700 teams in the USA!


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Welcome to the Home Page of Boris and Paul's Aeronautics and Space Administration
Please see Jan/Feb 2012, Nov/Dec 2011, July/Aug 2010 and May/June 2009 issues of Sport Rocketry magazine for
articles covering rockets and clustering techniques described on this website

HellBoy goes Big
70 motors in 2 stages
Video: 69 of 70 motors fired

Soyuz mod of Cosmodrome Vostok
Lifting off on 16 engines

Apollo Saturn V
Sirius Rocketry kit  - modified for L2l
J520 Skidmark + 4x G71 Redlines

VooDoo Daddy
Lifting off on 16 motors in 3 stages
Video Playlist: Clustered+Staged!

photo by Tony Vincent

2017 LDRS and more...
2016 Flights and 3D printer fun
Paul's team ranks 17th! TARC 2015
2015 Flights       2014 Flights
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2013 Flights   2012 Flights   2011 Flights

  ^ best flights of the year ^

Cool 2017 Flight Videos:
Phantom drone first flight
TOGinator 30 engine cluster-FlisKits 2017
LDRS 2017 - 107 Rocket motors fired in 3 wild flights

Cool 2016 Flight Videos:
TOGinator 30x + Soyuz 17 motor clusters

CMASS night launch 11/19/2016
Bomarc 10x + VooDoo Daddy 8x clusters
HellBoy 19 motors + 2 spinning saucers
October Sky 2016 rocket launch
Golden Arrow - Mach 1 to 9000ft
Carbon Weasel streaks into the sky at 1484mph to 8205ft
Acton 8/20/16
Rocket streaks to 7775ft+more fun flights
Bob Krech successful L2

3 clusters 33 motors + 3D printed rockets

Best of 2015 Flight Videos:
Two 10 motor clusters +10 way drag race

TOGinator - 30 motor cluster
LDRS 34 -  4 fun flights - Midnight Express on big Skidmark + Mach 2 flight

Rocket goes over 1100mph and 7400ft
Acton 7/11/15    Acton 7/25/15

Best of 2014 Season videos:
Air Meet 2014: Big Skidmark flights
Air Meet: Amazing Stunt Aerobatics
Hellboy + 884mph Machbuster
FlisKits 10 way Frick-n-Frack drag race
Hellboy flashpan cluster
Rocket glider flights
Pink Flamingo of Armageddon
VooDoo Daddy + Thunderbird and more...

Best of 2013 Season videos:
2013#1 - 15 flights - 90 motors

2013#2 - 3 launches including USA vs USSR HP cluster drag race
2013#3 - Night Flights

Video Playlist: LDRS XXXI
CMASS 2012 Night Flights

Remastered Video
Hot Rod Nitro FireBall:
Amazing Onboard Video

1 flight: 18 engines, 2 stages, 7 rockets!

Spinning Saucer of the Apocalypse
36" spinning saucer - 10 motor cluster

Video Playlist: 7 flights in 2012

Turbine Rocket Saucer
Video: includes 3 Cool Night Flights
original clustered, spinning, illuminated saucer

Rocketflite update: 99.5% success rate with the new CF (ClusterFire) igniters

Cluster Box update:
99%+ ignition success 2010-2014

TOGinator 30 engine rocket
flight 5 liftoff     flight 6 liftoff
 ignited by Rocketflite - FlisKits inspired
Featured in the EMRR 2009 rockets calendar
  Video: 30 motors - Fire and Smoke

photo by Doug Gardei

LOC 4" - L1 rocket

Midnight Express
Successful L3 at LDRS
Video: L820 Skidmark and M1230 Imax 

2011 Fireworks Display

English Electric Thunderbird
3/20 scale rocket -
2x FlisKits upscale
Video Playlist: 5 flights x 11 engines

Hot Rod Nitro FireBall
team project with HotRod Rockets
Amazing Onboard Video
1 flight: 18 engines, 2 stages, 7 rockets

photo by Neil McGilvray

Applewhite Saucers  Videos:  Flying Saucers 1  Flying Saucers 2  High Powered Flying Saucers

We have a great time flying rockets with the good folks at CMASS.

Website by Boris Katan as are pictures and video unless otherwise noted.

Contact at username delta22 on rocketryforum.com or username boris katan at cmass.org